If you want to make a change in an environment for the first time, you should not do this directly in the data model, but create a new solution in the Solutions area, in which you can save all the adjustments that you want to make in the system.

Power Platform Menu

If you create a new solution using the “New solution” button, you have to select a publisher in addition to the display name and name of the solution. And if you have not yet created your own publisher in this environment, you should start with this point and click on “New publisher“.

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Create new solution

This opens another quick menu with two tabs. In the first tab you save the basic properties of the publisher. In addition to display name and name, this also includes the prefix that will be used in the future and placed at the beginning of every table, column, etc. You can also define the choice value prefix, which is preset to 10000 and is always placed in front when creating your own choice values.

Comparison: Create publisher in Maker Portal and in classic editor

Please note: For everyone who has already created a publisher in the classic editor in the past – Microsoft did not proceed in a uniform manner here. While the choice value is automatically adjusted when defining the prefix in the classic editor and a separate value is automatically calculated for each prefix (in case of pow_18612), the value in the maker portal remains constant at 10000 and you have to set the value manually.

You can also change the value and the prefix after saving the publisher, but the publisher’s name is fixed.

The second tab of the publisher contains all the contact details that can be filled in – but do not have to be, e.g.:
Phone, Email, Website, Street 1 etc.

After saving the publisher, it is immediately available for further tasks.


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