I just saw the post by Simon Matthews on the PowerApps blog about the availability of the Developer resources within the Power Apps Maker Portal Settings and I had to test it by myself. Just last week I had opened the Advanced SettingsCustomizations Developer Resources and was disappointment how long it takes to open the Classic editor just to get some needed information. Now this information is only one click away 😀

And while still in the Settings menu of the Power Apps Maker Portal I clicked just out of curiosity on the Power Apps settings link.

And honestly, I do not know since when this functionality is in the Power Apps Maker Portal available, but I was not aware of it before – Language settings. The default behavior of the Power Apps Maker Portal is set to use the browser language and I do not know how many times I changed the browser language to English as I do not like the German translations. 😁

With just one click you can very easily set the Power Apps Maker Portal to any language you like. 

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