I just created a new environment in an existing tenant to try the early access features for Dynamics 365 2020 release Wave 1. Out of pure curiosity I tested the update in different regions and it has been available already in EMEA, ASIA and US environments.

Open your browser, navigate to https://admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com and either select an existing environment or create a new one. As you can see in the screenshot below – the Update Window on the right side of your screen will show the notification, that you can access 2020 release wave 1.

Click on “Manage” to open the following update dialog. The link “See what’s included” will open the official Dynamics 365 release plans, that you can read here:


After clicking “Update now” you will be asked to confirm your selection, before the update will finally start:

Then the update process will start and it will take a while. During the update you will see the process for each component in the selected environment:

… The update process will take a while …

and finally after about 1.5 hours you will notice, that the update of all 4 components has been completed.

Opening the environment – you will notice the first new feature that has been announced: The Sales Team Member App with a limited sitemap.

I will keep you updated, posting about new features and enhancements in the next days, while testing the 2020 release wave 1


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