After updating my environment to 2021 Release Wave 2 I was searching not only in Dynamics 365 CE for new features but also in the Power Platform, especially in the Maker Portal. Comparing all the settings that are available in a not updated Environment to what is available in Wave 2.

And I was really, really surprised to see that in the Experimental section of the Canvas Apps Settings the Ideas are available – and not only in the Wave 2 environment, but also in my Wave 1 environment. I am not sure if there has been an announcement of the availability yet or if it has just been released. (The Microsoft docs article related to ideas has been published 2,5 weeks ago)

So instead of searching for other new features I was absolutely flashed and wanted to test this feature directly, on a very high level and without spending too much time initially. This will be a part of an upcoming post – maybe in combination with custom pages. 🤩

To activate the feature in a Canvas App click on File Settings Upcoming features and then the tab Experimental. Scroll to the bottom of all available options and there you can enable the switch for Enable Ideas panel.
Close the dialog.

Therefore, I have not spent too much effort in design and thinking about a concrete storyline. My first thought was taking an out of the box entity and filter the records by a dropdown. And there we go – using the Account table in a gallery, setting up a dropdown with the Cities of the Accounts and then asking Ideas to filter my accounts in the gallery by the selected city in the drop down and then also sorting the records by the created on date.

It worked pretty well. Let’s see 😀

P.S. Not all functionalities are yet supported and I am happy that I had tested it with galleries as one of the supported features.

P.P.S When you try to activate the feature it is currently supported only in US based environments.

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